: Dear Customer

 Before you decide to invest with us and buy Steam Jet machine, please search in the local and international markets for steam washing machines and compare their specifications with ours, and you will find that our machines are characterized with durability, quality, distinctive service results and features that you will not find in any other machines
The first feature: SteamJet devices are 100% Korean-made with high-quality and durable materials
The second feature: It is the feature of polishing the car during washing (because our devices have an additional reservoir for polishing fluid), which makes it unique with this feature
The third feature: Low consumption of electricity, as it only consumes 200 watts to operate
Fourth feature: it takes only one minute to get ready for steam and start using
Fifth feature: the ability to control steam humidity to obtain excellent washing quality
The sixth feature: It is the most important because Steam Jet devices are not built with a tank to heat water, but the process of heating and creating steam takes place through a spiral tube that is heated to form continuous instantaneous steam within a minute of start-up, and this makes Steam Jet devices safer than other devices

Dear Customer, If you ‘r looking for a successful investment to get an excellent return don’t hesitate to take this chance now
Distributors needed in Saudi Arabia and dealers for Middle East countries 
For more details do not hesitate to contact us at

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Dear client:

The most important terms to grant a distributor or dealer for Steamjet:
– Recommend to establish a carwash with steamjet sign to demonstrate the product services, characteristic and how it works.
– Commitment of Purchasing Initial Order of certain number of Steamjet machines and materials.
– The initial order is prerequisite for signing the agency contract.
– Provide after sales service for his client and implement steamjet warranty policy.
– Commitment not to sell the product out side his (Territory).
– Commitment to market and the product at his cost.
– Commitment to preserve the product and the company’s reputation through good services.
– Commitment to provide nominees get the necessary 3 – 5 days technical training for operating and maintenance